PRIVATE EVENT Invitation only (or charity)

Your visitors don’t have to pay for entry, but you still want to use a system for registration and entry control? The service is completely free to use!

0 service costs per ticket and 0 transaction costs.

Regular Service Fee 1 euro

The most popular option. For Big and small nightlife events, as well as (also seated) theatres & live concerts. No transaction costs on the most popular payment methods.

Weekly Payments

In contrast to other ticket service providers you can expect a weekly payout of the income out of your ticket sales.

On and Offline

With the handy register module you’ll be able to sell tickets offline with cash or pin. Since there is no online transaction involved, we don’t charge service costs

Scalable Servers

10.000 orders within a minute? No problem! Our systems are hosted on scalable cloud servers that automatically scale processing capacity according to the request.

Extensive Data Analysis

Track from where your visitors are coming and connect this data to your marketing campaign. This is just an example of the data analysis possibilities.

Marketing Tools

With the tracking tools and social plugins provided in the ticketing system you’ll be able to measure in detail the effect of your AdWords and social media campaigns.

Seat Selection

Our seat selection systems offering visitors to choose a seat in the process of ordering tickets. Using the seating-creator tool organizations are able to design seat plans.

Customer Service Support

Our Customer Service Centre provides email and phone support to your customers, as well as a dynamic support web portal where customers can easily find information and access self-help tools

Shopping Cart Style

Instead of a ticket service that sells separate tickets visitors can pay for a selection of multiple tickets for different events at once.


We operate several anti-fraud measures to protect you from automated bots, chargebacks and criminal fraud.Tixstars adheres to the PCI DSS compliance requirements for the transmission, storage and processing of safe credit card information

TIXSTARS, Entrada Gestão App

Nosso aplicativo de gerenciamento de entrada grátis, permite que você execute a entrada do seu evento profissionalmente, gerir a sua lista de convidados e obter seus compradores de bilhetes através da porta sem problemas, sem a necessidade de equipamento externo.

Digitalizar bilhetes de forma rápida, segura e fácil.

Baixe o aplicativo na AppStore para iOS, ou GooglePlay para dispositivos Android
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